Promoting a wholistic approach to modern living where culture meets décor.

Avaina Nicole was founded by Kristen Nicole Walker and is the culmination of a desire to fuse culture, ecology, and design, while spreading diversity. Building relationships with artisans from around the world and bringing them to you in one place makes Avaina Nicole a quintessential component of home styling. Through these collaborations Avaina Nicole helps to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts in Morocco, Mumbai, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Nairobi, and more.


Rest assured that all materials are sourced with the fragility of our planet in mind.

Those who value Avaina Nicole are those who value beauty derived from unique materials, thoughtful application, impeccable craft, and adventurous innovation.  Our customers are generally well travelled and steeped in experiences that involve high taste and special access.